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Coughmed Relief. A homoeopathic remedy for winter

If winter coughs are keeping you up at night and off work, why not try one of the many homoeopathic remedies available to support your family this winter season. Homoeopathic remedies have a long history of use and prove popular because of its gentle action making it suitable for the whole family.  When looking at homoeopathics, there are a few remedies that can be considered to support a winter cough. 

Take for example the remedy Belladonna, which is commonly used to support high fevers, it is also used to help support a tickling short cough that is worse at night. 
Another remedy to consider that is indicated in the Materia Medica for a dry hacking cough that is worse at night; hurts the chests with every cough and has mucous in the airways is Bryonia.  
However, if it is a loose, rattling cough that is worse in the morning, with a choking sensation then Hepar Sulph may be the best remedy indicated. 
Rumex, on the other hand, supports a dry, continuous cough with a sensation of tickling in the throat.
Confused yet!  If you are new to homoeopathics and unsure of which homoeopathic remedy to use, Naturo Pharm has made it easy and put some key homoeopathic remedies in one complex product that can help support you and your family this winter. 
Coughmed Relief contains Belladonna, Bryonia, Hepar Sulph and Rumex Crispus which can be used to support the normal immune response to tight chests, regardless of whether it is dry or productive.
coughmed relief

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