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Avalon Organics Shampoos 325ml

Avalon Avalon Organics Shampoos 325ml Beyond Shampooing Actually Rejuvenating A new organically fragrant experience Hair that is cleansed thoroughly but now more gently with Consciousness in Cosmetics Because squeaky clean hair gets too dry and brittle


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Avalon Avalon Organics Shampoos 325ml Beyond Shampooing. Actually Rejuvenating. A new organically fragrant experience. Hair that is cleansed thoroughly, but now more gently, with Consciousness in Cosmetics. Because squeaky-clean hair gets too dry and brittle. Here's a new range of Shampoos that nourish, clarify, volumize, glisten and do what they promise, with innovative ingredients and high levels of science-based nutrients that perform exceptionally. Avalon Organics Shampoos are clean, pure and effective without petroleum-based ingredients, parabens or other harsh preservatives to ensure these chemicals won't be absorbed into the skin.
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