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Positive Affirmations - Do They Really Work?

Affirmations are a great tool to use for self-motivation, overcoming negative limiting beliefs and to help to change your state of mind. They can help you to consciously train and shape your mind so you can enjoy more happiness, peace, and joy your life.

Regularly repeating positive words and saying positive thoughts to yourself can actually rewire the brain by strengthening the neuron connections within the brain. The brain is designed to keep us safe and does not like change or the unknown, this is your irrational brain, where fear is first perceived and the fight or flight response is activated. This can often keep us stuck not allowing us to take action. We must learn to consciously engage our higher brain called the neocortex and get beyond our current environment to move forward with confidence.

How to break the old habit of negative thinking?

  • Pay attention on how you are feeling and what you are telling yourself? Learn to listen, through awareness.
  • Come face to face with your negative self-talk and challenge it!
  • Replace your internal self-talk with new positive words for example say the words Joy, or Success, or Love whatever you want to focus more on
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat! Repetition and taking action key to form new positive habits and new beliefs about yourself and your life experiences.

Daily action, effort and persistence is required, but worth it! Imagine being able to confidently override your inner critic voice which has judged you, doubted your abilities and constantly told you that you are not good enough, the feeling you will feel will be incredibly worth it. Always remember we are all born with free will - the power to choose any thought we desire.

Some people may need that extra little support or help to break a negative habit, by using a Wifsom aromatherapy nasal Inhaler (a simple positive mindset trainer) can make it so much easier for you to override critical self-talk, think of it as your own personal on-the- go aromatherapy support to help change your thinking, feelings, and emotions in seconds.

Wifsom essential oil blends are targeted to dissolve negative emotions of anger, stress, low self-esteem, and fatigue.

After each inhalation of your nasal inhaler simply choose a word or a turn your new words into a personal affirmation

Whatever you want to feel say the word

“Joy” Success, Gratitude or

“I am calm, I am relaxing more and more ……….. make your own statement or word personal to you.

When you apply this simple technique, you are in control of your mind, no longer is your body (subconscious mind) habits, memories, conditioned behaviour running the show!

You will become the creator of your own life experiences through the words and thoughts you think about leading to more happiness and peace in your life

Try it!

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